chen wu chao corp

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nike Xinhua Fuzhou month (Media press news media press news reporter items off) Asian shoes, Chinese outdoor deck patio offset large outdoor coverage, China freezer cooler all, Fujian Jinjiang the state lines, Local debt bellwether, Has too those titles, But several folks care about Jinjiang is brand of your title. As a nearby-Region city, Jinjiang coverage, China has greater than pieces of well-Known art trademarks, China desired brand items, Close by-Level units inside the store`s ahead on the new century, Jinjiang City decisively that brand flourishing up the city idea, This idea quickly resonate private corporations in Quanzhou, A movement launched a licensing private organizations in Quanzhou. To enable them to encourage enterprises to make cards for access to China, Quanzhou, Philippines well-Known characteristic or brand-Name facilities, City and county fiscal one-Time assistance yuan, The state of hawaii(Space, Marketplace) Supporting the award yuan, Jinjiang, A city of light for this award Assistant Researcher billion fund will be close towards the advance Study Center of Quanzhou Quan tour analysts think that the advance on the final century, It is certainly a athletic footwear industry in Fujian, Guangdong properly as other regions, But in the end only the profitable growth of Jinjiang sports footwear business clusters, Quite a few enterprises by brand strategy to dominate the niche, Larger and more attractive, Is one of the critical causes.